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The New Hampshire Quilt Documentation Project, Phase II (NHQDPII) has undertaken a survey of all quilts in the state. The organizers have chosen to include quilts made before the quilt revival of the 1976 US Bicentennial. They will then identify quilts made in NH and research the stories of the quilts and their makers. Planned outcomes include a book about NH quilts and their makers, and an exhibit or series of exhibits of significant NH quilts. The archives of the project will be placed in a public institution accessible to future researchers.

Documentation Days are planned for many areas of the state in the months to come, and NHQDPII continues to look for sites and seeks sponsoring organizations.  Partnerships with quilt guilds, town libraries and historical societies are developed for holding documentation days.  To schedule a documentation day in partnership with your organization, contact Julie Crossland at 603-595-9519.